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Women Motor Bootcamp


3-day event for women only with courses, workshops, activities and test rides.

Women Motor Bootcamp

3-day event for women only with courses, workshops, activities and test rides.

WMBootcamp is an event for women only, organized on the occasion of Women's Day that combines Motors, Motorcycles, Mechanics and Aircraft enthusiasts.

The first event that combines fun with the teaching of motorcycle and aerial disciplines. All activities and courses can be undertaken by both beginners and experienced riders. In collaboration with the Boscomantico AeroClub and with the Verona Parachuting School at the WMB there is the possibility to also make air flights over Lake Garda and tandem launches with the Parachute.

The perfect opportunity to try and do everything you've always put aside, the opportunity to start riding the bike, learn how to skid with a car or fly an airplane.

The WMB was born from the idea of Domitilla Quadrelli and is organized by Officine Vivaldi.

The next WMB will be on september 4-5-6th 2020 in Montagnana.

Motorbike activities and courses at the WMB are:


  • Motorcycle Start-up Course

  • Flattrack Courses (Driving Setup and Drift Bases)

  • Motorcycle Mechanics Course

  • Car tire change course

  • Mini Bike Race

  • Talks with motorbike and aircraft pilots guests

  • Motorbike Lifting

  • Theoretical course of Moto-Rally & Enduro

  • Test Ride of Motorcycles and Cars

The EXTRA Moto activities and courses are:


  • Airplane Flight

  • Parachute launch in tandem

  • Drifting by car

  • Welding Course

  • Krav maga course (Personal Defense Course)

  • Sports therapeutic massage

  • Skate course

  • Truck driving 6 wheel drive

  • Car Driving with Trailer

  • Balance Board (balance training)


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