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Shasta Vintage Trailer

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Our Airstream 31 ft is built from an Airstream Ambassador. Strictly vintage, we have carried out a meticulous restoration to make it precisely, the Airstream ambassador of Airstream Italia and Officine Vivaldi. A symbol of American travel and dream, our 31-foot Airstream is one of the most versatile American caravan models due to the size of the vehicle which allows large loads and interior spaces. The Airstream 31 feet has only one frontal opening, the stage can be of two sizes, wider or half Airstream. The side opening of about 2 meters allows you to create a real internal shop, or meeting room during a fair. The dimensions of our caravan also allow you to travel with the equipment inside, minimizing any vehicles supporting the tour or event. Inside it is empty to be adapted to any event or tour. Airstream rental and sale and special vintage vehicles.


VEHICLE: Original Airstream 1979 31feet
USE: Glamping, Pop up, Mobile office, Airstream office, extra room
DIMENSIONS: 31 feet 9.44mt x 2.25mt
EQUIPMENT: completely restored on the outside, interior design restyle, led lights, air conditioning, heating, 4 comfortable beds, ceramic kitchen, bathroom with ceramic shower.
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Airstream 31 feet

2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-33.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-30.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-31.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-27.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-28.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-6
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-30.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-24.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-15.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-23.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-19.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-22.
2021 Shasta Trailer Officine Vivaldi-20.

Why want a 5-star hotel, when you can stay in the middle of nature but with the comforts of a 5-star hotel?

Our Airstream 31-foot trailer is Ambassador of the Glamping movement in Europe, considered one of the most beautiful restorations and design conversions of 2019 by the Interior experts. Inside comfortable beds, 1 dinette, 1 ceramic kitchen with induction hob, bathroom with ceramic shower, LED TV, white or colored LED lights, sun curtains, Heating and air conditioning to have the ideal temperature in any summer or winter season. Contact us to receive a video walk of the interiors of our 31-foot Glamping Ambassador. Our Airstream in Glamping was designed and built in Officine Vivaldi.

From the fusion of the words Glamor and Camping comes a new form of camping that includes more luxurious accommodations and facilities than those associated with traditional camping. From the Tree houses to the Airstream overlooking the sea, the Glamping movement has become a worldwide favorite, making it one of the most sought-after accommodations by young globetrotters. Suitable for both couples and families, it allows you to take refuge in nature while maintaining the comforts of a hotel, the privacy of a luxury villa with a wild and green look. The Airstreams marry perfectly in any natural context that is forest or sea, aluminum also represents the ecological and sustainable material par excellence allowing to become Glamping Green.

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