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Showroom Truck

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Our Expedition Truck transformed into a Showroom is ideal for not going unnoticed. Large cargo spaces, customizable interiors and exteriors and a decidedly Rock look.


USE: Promotional, Exhibition Stand, Cocktail Bar, Mobile Showroom, pop up store
DIMENSIONS: 11mt x 5mt
EQUIPMENT: 4x6mt of sales or exhibition space, comfortable approved staircase, small terrace, led lights, external customizable panel
2018 women Motors Bootcamp photo Domitil

Our Truck Showroom is Unique in Europe

Showroom Expedition Truck External

2018 women Motors Bootcamp photo Domitil
Copy of WMB Kirina Marcolongo-2
Copy of WMB Fimauto -10
2018 women Motors Bootcamp photo Domitil
Copy of WMB Davide Olivati -42
Copy of WMB Andrea Caiola -4
Copy of WMB Chiara Ludovica Quadrelli -1
Copy of WMB Fimauto -12
Copy of WMB Fimauto -11
2018 women Motors Bootcamp photo Domitil

Our Expedition Truck,

Your Shop on the Road

Large, impressive, spacious and indestructible, our Show-Room Truck is ready to make space in any condition and on any terrain. Openable by one meter on each side, reaching a width of over 6 meters is the most spacious and complete vehicle you can find on a wheel. With its convenient rear staircase, it will let your customers enter another world, your world, your store or mobile pop-up. Completely original in the exterior but customized for advertising purposes, it best represents the American style and embodies the spirit of a brand or product that wants to be noticed. The easily customizable side panels allow a wide visibility of the brand even during the transfer of the vehicle during Promotional Tours or multiple events, hundreds of photos are taken at our Truck every km traveled .. why not also take advantage of this visibility to advertise?

Inside you will find a convenient counter that acts as a reception or desk. the interiors can be customized for each individual use, be it: lounge, bar, cocktail bar, mobile shop, pop up store, merchandising store, welcome desk, registration, exhibition stand, Barber shop .. there is no limit to the use of the our Expedition Truck in showroom thanks to its spaciousness and versatility.

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