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T1 Volkswagen

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The Transporter is a light commercial vehicle for the transport of goods or people produced by Volkswagen, in various series, starting from 1949.

In the spring of 1947 Ben Pon, the Dutch importer of Volkswagen, was visiting the Wolfsburg factories and saw a trolley set up on the base of the Beetle to transport heavy materials from one department to another of the factory.

Hence the idea of designing a freight or people carrier truck.

The van was sturdy, simple and versatile, when the vehicle became a generational fashion it was used as a means of transport by the Hippies and flower children and the following versions came out: Samba Bus and Westphalia

General characteristics:

-4 boxer cylinders

-25 horses

-air cooled of 1131 cm³


VEHICLE: 19756 T1 Volkswagen
USE: Promotional, Champagnerie, Coffee Shop, Cocktail Bar, Food Truck
DIMENSIONS: 4 meters and 94 centimeters in length of which 3 meters and 30 of step and 1 meter and 96 centimeters in height
CART FITTING: possibility to add a tent to the trolley to expand the space

Customizations ad Hoc:

T1 Volkswagen

Copy of L1050700
Copy of L1060212
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